Gates of Olympus Slot Review

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Spin with the Gods

Created by Pragmatic Play, the Gates of Olympus game is a modern take on classical mythology, featuring Zeus himself as your host. With a 6x5 layout and 20 pay lines, the action unfolds as symbols cascade from above, giving you the chance to win when you land clusters of eight or more. It's not just about the tumbling reels though; keep an eye out for Zeus' gifts, special multiplier symbols that can multiply your winnings by up to 500 times the value!

Design and Theme

When you enter the Gates of Olympus, you'll find yourself immersed in the grandeur of Mount Olympus. The visuals take you back to the world of Greek mythology with a vibrant color scheme and symbols that are beautifully crafted to match the theme. The backdrop features the mighty Zeus himself, and the epic soundtrack adds to the immersive atmosphere.

As for the reels and symbols, they're designed with icons from Greek mythology. You'll find crowns, goblets, rings, and hourglasses, among other thematic symbols. Each symbol has different values, and the winning combinations can be formed in a non-traditional way since Gates of Olympus operates on an 'all-ways' system, meaning there are no standard paylines. Wins are awarded for clusters of eight or more, which can occur anywhere on the grid.

When you're ready to begin the game, you place your bets and hit spin, then watch as the symbols tumble down. If you strike lucky with a combination of the right symbols, you'll find your winnings are multiplied – thanks to Zeus, who can throw his lightning bolt and increase your rewards.

Bonus Features

When you're playing Gates of Olympus, the bonus features will grab your attention.

  • Free Spins Rounds: Who doesn’t love some free gameplay? Land four or more Zeus scatter symbols, and you’ll trigger the free spins bonus. This is where you can see some serious action with extra multipliers.

  • Tumble Feature: After every win, the tumble feature kicks in. Winning symbols disappear, and new ones fall to form new wins. This keeps going until no more winning combinations are formed.

  • Multiplier Symbols: Keep an eye out for the multiplier symbol during your spins. They land with values ranging from 2x to 500x, giving your winnings a possible Olympian boost!

  • Ante Bet Feature: If you want to increase your chances of hitting the free spins, you can activate the ante bet. It costs a bit more per spin, but it doubles your likelihood of triggering those lucky free spins.

  • Bonus Buy Option: Can’t wait for the Gods to grant you entry into the free spins round? The bonus buy feature allows you to purchase direct entry into the free spins rounds for a set multiplier of your current bet.

Let these features be your guide to potential big wins as they bring more excitement to every spin. With a bit of luck, you could be looking at payouts worthy of the Gods themselves.

Tips and Tricks on How To Play Gates of Olympus

When you’re ready to take on the might of the gods in the Gates of Olympus slot, keep these pointers in mind to enhance your gameplay:

  • Find a Good Casino: First things first, pick a reputable casino that offers Gates of Olympus. Make sure it's a place you trust and has a solid reputation.

  • Know the Rules: Understand the design of the game. Gates of Olympus is not your typical slot—it features a scatter symbol that can trigger free spins, leading to potentially higher wins.

  • Check the Paytable: Familiarize yourself with the paytable to know which symbols are the most attractive. The paytable also explains the function of the scatter symbol, which is key to unlocking bonus features.

  • Set Your Budget and Betting Range: Before spinning, decide on your budget. Stick to it to keep things fun. The betting range in Gates of Olympus can vary, so choose a bet amount that suits your wallet.

  • Balance RTP and Volatility: Gates of Olympus is known for its high volatility. While this means you could grab big wins, they might not come as often. The RTP, or return to player, is a solid 96.50%, which gives you an idea of the expected payback over time.

  • Utilize Autoplay: If you prefer a hands-off approach, set up the autoplay feature. You can determine the number of automatic spins and even set loss/win limits.

  • Betting Strategy: You can’t change the odds, but you can choose smart betting strategies. For instance, starting with smaller bets and increasing them when you feel a win might be around the corner.

Bet Size, RTP, Volatility

If you're looking to spin the reels on the Gates of Olympus slot, here's a quick rundown on what you can expect in terms of bet sizes, the return to player (RTP) rate, and how wild the ride's gonna be (that's volatility for you).

Bet Size & Betting Range

  • Minimum Bet: It starts low, so you can get in on the action without breaking a bank.
  • Maximum Bet: If you're feeling adventurous, you can up the stakes for a chance at bigger wins.
  • Coin Value & Bet Multiplier: These options allow you to adjust the bet size to suit your preferences.


  • The RTP stands at a comfortable 96.50%, which is a standard rate for online slots. This number gives you an idea of the potential return over time.


  • High Volatility: Brace yourself; this game is highly volatile, which means you might see less frequent wins, but they can be larger when they hit.


  • Variance goes hand in hand with volatility; in this slot, it's on the higher end of the scale. If you're cool with the swings, you could be in for an epic win.


Gates Of Olympus Slot Summary

 If you're curious about what makes the Gates of Olympus slot tick, here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Theme: Ancient Greek mythology.
  • Layout: 6 reels and 5 rows.
  • Paylines: None! Wins are based on clusters.
  • RTP (Return to Player): A strong 96.50%.

The game is totally ready for you no matter where you are, thanks to its mobile optimization. So, whether you're on your phone or tablet, you'll get the same smooth experience as on your desktop.

Here's a little table to sum up the basics:




Pragmatic Play

Reels & Rows




Mobile Friendly


Where to Play

Various online casinos

When playing, you might notice it’s not your typical slot – no classic paylines here. Instead, you win by landing clusters of symbols, and it features a tumbling mechanic, kind of like cascading wins. There are also some neat bonus rounds to spice things up.

Gaming Experience and Design

When you fire up the Gates of Olympus, it's like you're stepping into an epic adventure. The theme revolves around ancient Greek mythology, with the mighty Zeus welcoming you to his realm. The visual design is stunning, boasting vibrant colors and slick animations that truly bring the game to life on your screen.

In terms of features, prepare to be entertained by a selection of bonus features. Did you spot Zeus' lightning bolt? That's the crown symbol, and it's your ticket to some divine wins. If you prefer gaming on the go, good news! The Gates of Olympus slot is optimized for mobile devices; you can enjoy a quality experience on your phone or tablet.

Here's a quick summary of the gameplay experience:

  • Pay Anywhere System: Wins aren't limited to traditional paylines; they can occur anywhere on the reels.
  • Tumbling Reels: Winning symbols disappear, making way for new ones to fall into place.
  • Multipliers: Look out for Zeus' gifts in the form of multiplier symbols.

And if patience isn't your strong suit, there's a Bonus Buy feature allowing you to purchase direct entry into the Free Spins round. Ready to join the gods for an unforgettable gaming session? Give Gates of Olympus a spin and see how the reels fall in your favor.

Winning Strategies and Payouts

When you're spinning the reels on Gates of Olympus, remember that it's a game with a Greek mythology theme by Pragmatic Play where the chance of a random outcome is part of the thrill. 

Setting Your Budget:

  • Step 1: Before you play for real money, set your total budget.
  • Step 2: Stick to it to keep the game fun and manageable.

Understanding Payouts:

  • The scatter symbol is key; it unlocks bonus features and can lead to big wins.
  • For massive payouts, keep an eye out for the pay anywhere system which rewards you when enough symbols land, regardless of paylines.

Bet Smartly:

  • Start with small bets and increase gradually.
  • Know when to collect your winnings.




Triggers free spins; appears as Zeus and can multiply wins


Match symbols in a cluster for payouts

Chase for the maximum win of up to 5,000 times your bet — that's the max win goal. This slot is volatile, so wins can be less frequent but larger when they arrive. Remember, winning is about the right symbols falling into place, using the power of Zeus, and enjoying the ride through Olympus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the ins and outs of the Gates of Olympus slot can stir up plenty of queries. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced player, these FAQs will clarify some key information and help you play the game with confidence and ease.

How can I play Gates of Olympus for free online?

You've got options to enjoy this mythological slot without betting real cash. Many online casinos offer free play versions, or you might visit pages like Gates of Olympus Game Info & Online Play 2024 to try a demo.

Can I try a demo version of Gates of Olympus?

Absolutely! A demo version is a great way to get acquainted with the game. Check out the Gates Of Olympus official site where they often provide access to a demo.

Are there any mobile apps available for playing Gates of Olympus?

Yes, Gates of Olympus is optimized for mobile play. You can experience the game on devices like smartphones or tablets, as mentioned in the Gates of Olympus Slot Review.

What's the maximum win possible in Gates of Olympus?

Hoping for divine winnings? The Gates of Olympus slot boasts the potential for substantial payouts, with a maximum win of up to a stunning 5000x your stake.

Was Gates of Olympus created by Pragmatic Play?

That's right, Gates of Olympus is a creation of Pragmatic Play, known for its visually stunning and engaging slots. 

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