Quickly and easily create temporary pages to share online.

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  • User-friendly interface for hassle free page creation
  • Comprehensive, all-in-one editing suite with a wide range of design options
  • Set content to remain for up to 2 weeks, allowing you to create fresh and flexible content anytime
  • Anonymous usage accessible to anyone - no logins, no signups, no limits
  • See a page you like? Clone it to reset the expiry timer!

Get Started

Tempaste is perfect for creating temporary pages or other online content for you to share anywhere, anytime. Its easy to use editor means you can create exactly the content you need to start sharing immediately. Add simple text and tables, or add images, hyperlinks and even video to make a more complex design. The maximum in design freedom for the minimum of fuss.

Tempaste’s functional and practical design allows you to create pages using a full range of options:

  • Set pages remain online for only 1 day, 3 days, 1 week or 2 weeks to keep content fresh. No need to spend time managing your past posts.
  • Choose visibility options and even set a password to control access to your page.
  • View recent paste pages from other users and see how they make the most of Tempaste
  • Clone other users’ pages to reuse their content, or extend the page expiry time
Tempaste Logo